Enzvme detection technolouv of Enterococcus For water testing

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Item Name ;Enzvme detection technolouv of Enterococcu

Character    This product is white or light yellow particles Clarity

Colorless or light yellow

pH 7.0 - 7.6

Weight 2.7 士 0.5g

Storage        Storage at 4°C – 8°C, In cool dry place and protect from light

Validity 1 Year, See reagent packaging for production date and expiration date.


Add water sample containing Enterococcus bacteria, culture the target bacteria in Mug medium at  41°C  土  0.5°C,  and  the  specific  切 ological enzymes produced by Enterococcus bacteria(3 -0 -gluco  sidase  can decompose the

fluorescent substrate mug in the mug medium to produce(3 -D-glucoside ((3 -0 -glucoside) and the

characteristic fluorescent product 4-methyl­ umbelliferone. Observe the fluorescence in the 366nm UV lamp, count through the quantitative detection disk, and query the MPN table to calculate the results.

Package 100 – test pack

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