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The 51 hole detection plate produced by Lifecosm Biotech Limited. It is used together with the enzyme substrate detection reagent to accurately determine the MPN value of coliform in 100ml water samples. According to the instructions of  the enzyme substrate reagent, the reagent and the water sample are dissolved, and then poured into the detection plate,  and  then  cultivated after sealed with  sealing machine, the positive pole are counted, then calculate the MPN value in the water sample according to the MPN table

Packing specification

Each box contains 100 51- hole detection plates.

Sterilization instructions

Each batch of 51 hole detection plates were sterilized before they were released. The period of validity is 1 years.

Technical Support

For technical support, please call 86-029-89011963

Operation description


1.A single 51 hole detection plate is used to make the hole facing the palm


2.Press the upper part of the hole detection plate by hand to make the plate bend to the palm


3.Pull the aluminum foil and pull the aluminum foil to separate the holes. Avoid contact with the inside of the detection plate by hand


4.The reagent and water sample are dissolved and then poured into the quantitative detection plate. Avoid contacting the aluminum foil tail with the solution and pat the plate to remove bubbles


5.The 51 hole detection plate which has been filled with the reagent and the water sample, the plate and the rubber holder are attached, and then pushed into the LK sealing machine to seal

6.For the sealing operation, refer to the instruction manual of the program-controlled quantitative sealing machine.

7.See the reagent instructions for the culture method.

8.Count the number of positive holes in large and small  holes,  and  check the count of 51 hole MPN table.

Dispose of waste in accordance with microbiological laboratory regulations.

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